Five Car Garage

For the presentation at Five Car Garage, in Los Angeles, 1+1=3 collaborated with artist and hypnotist Marcos Lutyens. They met briefly before the performance to discuss how to organize the event which had a maximum attendance of 25 people. While Stephen and Jean-Louis prepared the technical and musical, Marcos and Per talked through the hypnotic experience. They agreed that they should focus on both enjoyable and difficult experiences and they found some pointers to work with.

The presentation started with Per sitting in the center of the space with his brain connected to the EEGsynth. Marcos hypnotized both Per and the audience at the same time. Jean-Louis created music based on Per’s alpha and theta brain waves. The session lasted about 30 minutes and was followed by a discussion that revealed both similarities and differences in peoples’ experience.

I quickly lost control of the situation as I went deeper into induction and the music seemed an integral part of the experience. It was interesting that some of the things that Marcos and I had discussed came back during the induction and they had unexpected effect on my experience. I had given him my childhood telephone number and the fact that it was spoken back in English, rather than Swedish, somehow gave it the opposite effect and also a description of a building had a similar effect.
— Per Huttner